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...if you care what's in your mouth...



At university, we learned that dentistry is a cerebro-manual profession, that is, it requires constant mental presence, and it is also okay if it is accompanied by some dexterity. However, in our opinion, it is worth nothing if a person does not add his heart and soul to it. We believe that a dentist can deliver high-quality and long-lasting work if he treats each of his patients as if the problem were in his own or a close relative's mouth, in which case we do not regret either the time spent or the quality.
Psychological surveys show that our two biggest fears are the unknown and pain. Relieving pain is absolutely not a challenge these days. And we fight against the fear of the unknown with all-encompassing explanations and illustrations with a continuously developing tool park.

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Specialist in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics, endodontist, professional leader

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University in 2006.

He obtained his professional exam in conservative dentistry and prosthodontics in 2009.

"Dr. Gábordoktor"'s thorough, all-encompassing explanations and prognoses regarding the future life of the completed works may sometimes seem exaggerated, but their necessity is always confirmed over time. Sometimes, even the patients are surprised by how childishly honest they can be about the well-done work.

He constantly follows professional innovations and participates in both domestic and foreign courses. Already from the last years of university, he worked continuously in private practices in Budapest.



General dentist

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University in 2007.

His refined style is combined with decisiveness and very thorough professional care. His apparently cheerful nature fills the clinic with life.

After graduating, he worked in rural and Budapest clinics, in the public and private sectors, gaining a fairly large amount of experience, which he can use in his everyday work. He also lives professionally on the back of the ice. Many of his patients have followed him since the very beginning.

He has more than 20 years of friendship with "Dr. Gábor" and he is also his dentist.



General dentist

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Semmelweis University in 2021.
Even before finishing university, he came under our wings, so he became the young "padawan". During his study period, he absorbed many years of professional experience like a sponge, which he does not hesitate to use in his own attractive way. His professional and personal attitude and capacity are exemplary. "Ricsidoktor" enthusiastically attends courses in international contexts, and apparently enjoys them.

Anikó Lugosi.jpg


Dental hygienist, senior assistant

Due to his professional relationship of more than 10 years, he is the "safe foundation". "Anikó" has all the information about the life of the surgery, she can find and arrange anything in seconds. Thanks to her female soul, she adds from the gut the amount of empathy, compassion, and kindness that doctors no longer fit. With his professional relationship and knowledge of an orthodontist, he already has a lot of ideas in the planning process. It relieves tension very well while waiting. ...often even in colleagues.

Nóra Szász.jpg

Nora Szasz

Dental hygienist

In 2011, he came to us as a patient at a careless moment. With this, you can say that his life changed, because he was completely absorbed by the world of dentistry. Since then, he has obtained degrees in dental hygiene and dental technology. He solves even the most anxious moments with his incredible stories, but his professional attitude and helpfulness are indisputable. Thanks to "Nórika's" extensive network of contacts, she can handle everything.



Patient coordinator, receptionist

"Vivien" is the first and last person every patient meets. Thanks to his organizational skills, he makes sure that we don't have a spare moment during work. Even his smile is advertising value.



We can offer the full spectrum of conservative dentistry and prosthetics. Whether it is anything from the most complicated root treatments that seem almost hopeless, to inlays, crowns, bridges, and other tooth replacements that require the highest level of dental technician cooperation, to the smallest fillings, edge replacements, and oral hygiene treatments. We approach everything with the same enthusiasm, but at the same time with humility.

Every case is different, you should never generalize.
Every problem has several solutions. That's why we don't like to give treatment plans or price offers over the phone or via text message. Like, for example, before starting a trip or building a house, it is impossible to see exactly what modifications may be necessary to achieve the best final result.


We believe in personal meetings. 😊


It is said that a good professional cannot be recognized by the fact that he knows everything, but by the fact that he knows his own limits.
Today, dentistry has also grown into a rather large science, and it is not possible for one person to see through all the specialties with full responsibility. That's why we tried to invite, in our opinion, the best specialists in the country for professional cooperation in fields unknown to us.





+36 20 9379376





+36 30 6490629




In order to arrange an appointment as smoothly and quickly as possible, we would like to ask you to take the following into account:

1. Appointments can only be booked at the time of ordering and on the phone number +36309278244 (if you are not available at the moment, we will call everyone back as soon as possible). Our receptionist always offers the earliest available appointment, and consults with doctors in case of an emergency.

2. Regarding the agreed-upon appointments, we will contact everyone by phone one day in advance, if this is not possible then by SMS, but unfortunately, if we do not receive a response by that evening, we will automatically cancel the next day's appointment. (If it turns out earlier that the time is not good, please let us know right away.)

3. As a result of the above, in case of cancellation or no-show on the day of the appointment, we charge a standby fee every time.

4. Unfortunately, after three canceled appointments, we are unable to give you a new one (when making an appointment, it is advisable to pay attention to it so that we can come at the given time if possible).

5. Our dental hygienists are also available for smooth patient and case follow-up. In case of cancellation/modification of pre-agreed half-yearly check-up/cleaning appointments, our receptionist colleagues will try to give a new appointment as early as possible, but our dentists will always carry out the check-up treatment more than 9 months after the previous cleaning, at the first suitable cleaning fee.

6. The clinic's staff does not have the capacity to supervise children and cars.

Our doctors already have more than 15 years of dental experience, so as a result of this and the continuous further training of all of us, we have created a protocol based on which the treatments are carried out. For the sake of the quality of the work performed, we cannot deviate from this. All interventions in the office are carried out in accordance with these guidelines. We thank all patients who come to us if they place their trust in us and accept it!


Office : 1117, Budapest, Bíró László József krt. 3.

(corner Hauszmann Alajos u.)
Registration : +36 309278244

Email :

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